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 SUMMER 2008





Call (415) 675-9707 24 hours a day (Non-Installer or Extra recorded message)

Best time to check – usually 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday


QUALIFICATIONS:              Applicants must have all their limbs, be able to climb ladders, be able

                                                to lift very heavy objects and be on time!


JOB DESCRIPTION:             Installers set up and remove exhibits, displays, signage, carpets, pipe & drape, etc., for conventions and trade shows at hotels and convention centers in San Francisco, San Jose, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Oakland, Monterey and more.

REQUIREMENTS:                 You MUST be 18 years of age, in good health, have picture identification, at least one of the following: valid California drivers license, California ID, Passport, or

U. S. Military Identification card, and verification of High School diploma, GED or equivalent at the time of dispatch. NO EXCEPTIONS.


ELIGIBILITY:                        You must meet all requirements of the United States Government.


DISPATCH:                            You may ONLY BE DISPATCHED to work by the Union Dispatcher.

After phoning the (415) 675-9707, message tape and told that work is available for Extras, you will be given a number to call and talk to the Dispatcher. Write it down.  Be sure to have a pen or pencil and paper handy to write down the information the Dispatcher gives you.  Do not call the Dispatcher until after you call the tape, listen to the message, and are told to call in .  Do not work without talking to the Union Dispatcher.    The employer may call you back only for the continuation of a set-up or the dismantle of the show, but you may not take a job without a dispatch from the Union. If you are not told to come back for the dismantle immediately after set-up, you are eligible for another dispatch. An employer may not move you from one show site to another. You must call the Union if you are uncertain on any issues of dispatch because violations may result in penalties. You can be removed from the dispatch list.



TELEPHONE:                        It is mandatory that you can be reached by telephone 24 hours a day. You may have up to two numbers for that purpose.


TOOL REQUIRMENTS:        You must bring the following when you work:


Pen and pencil

Claw Hammer                                     


Small & Large Flat Screwdriver

Metric & Standard Allen Wrench Set

Work Apron with Pockets or Tool Belt with a Pouch                        

Philips Screwdriver                             

6" to 10" Crescent Wrench

30' Tape Measure                  

Sharp Pocket Knife

Small Pry Bar ("Wonder" or Flat Bar)

Rug Cutter

Chalk Line                             

A Markwell L4 or an Arrow JT21 Staple Gun

Diagonal or Side Cutters

It is recommended that you have a small socket wrench with 5mm and 4 mm allen heads.


Hourly wage rates are: straight time $18.76, time and one half $28.14, double time $37.52, less $1.00 per hour dues check-off. This is the Extra and "C" rate of pay.


Pay Day -- Each employer pays weekly regardless of hours worked.


Be neat and clean - wear a shirt - wear shoes, no thongs or sandals. Take directions and do not argue with forepersons or other installers. When working with the exhibitors, always remember that we are offering a service. Exhibitors are usually visitors to our beautiful Bay Area. We want them to return and to enjoy their visit.


Always save your check stubs and time card copies.  You will need them if you have a payroll problem.


Local 510 is not your employer. Your employer is the company you work for; please do not list Local 510 as your employer for unemployment, state disability, credit applications, job references, etc. State that you are an applicant of Local 510.  We verify membership for members. You are not a member.


Important: when you accept a dispatch from Local 510 you are committing yourself to show up. If you can't, notify the Union dispatcher immediately (415) 468-7280 ext. 10.  Leave a message if he is unavailable.


As of this writing the union dispatcher is Mike Pointer. If you have any questions re: next sign up for "C" list or anything else, phone Josh Ende, 415-468-7280 ext 11. He is our Field Representative and spends most of his time on the show site helping to enforce our labor agreement.


Significant Convention Sites


Moscone Convention Center

North & South Halls: 700 block of Howard St. between 3rd and 4th Street, San Francisco, 94103

West Hall: NW corner of 4th and Howard Streets

Click here for directions to Moscone
Click here for a map of where to report for work at Moscone


Marriott Hotel

55 – 4th Street, San Francisco, 94103 - One block North of Moscone West


San Francisco Hilton Hotel

Mason & O’Farrell Streets, San Francisco, 94102


San Jose Convention Center

150 W. San Carlos Street (corner of Almaden Blvd) (Hilton Hotel is attached)

San Jose, 95113


Santa Clara Convention Center

5001 Great America Pkwy., Santa Clara, 95054 (Yes, by Great America)


San Mateo Expo Center

2495 S. Delaware Street, San Mateo, 94403 (by Bay Meadows Race Track)


Cow Palace

Geneva Ave. & Santos Street, Daly City (look for the huge sign but no cows)


Oakland Convention Center

1001 Broadway, Oakland, 94607 (attached to the Marriott Hotel)


Monterey Convention Center

1 Portola Plaza, Monterey, 93940 (by the Doubletree Hotel)