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Sign Display & Allied Crafts Local Union 510 represents the sign and tradeshow workers of Northern California. Our local has had a long tradition of rank and file involvement in our union's daily affairs and operations. We have found that the democratic participation of our members has been our greatest strength.

Below are some of the stories and articles that have
been featured on our home page in the past. They go back
several years so if you're feeling nostalgic, scroll down
and take a trip down memory lane.

New Talent

photo by John Kyle

JATC teachers Ellie Doyle and Mark Shrager sit with Local 510's latest crop of apprentices on the stairs of North Hall.

Ken Marks

Ken Marks passed away recently; we'll miss the jokes, the smile and the laugh.

Lee Nephew

Lee Nephew passed away recently; we'll miss him very much.

Local 510 Picnic

photo by John Kyle

Once again it is time our annual picnic. We'll be getting together at McNear's Beach in San Rafael on Saturday August 3rd from 11:00 am till 4:00 pm. The festivities wiil take place at Site #8 which is at the south end of the parking lot. We're asking folks to bring pot-luck side dishes, desserts and appetizers. Please RSVP at (415) 468-7280 ext. 14 or email jlw510@sbcglobal.net, the whole family is invited and we want to make sure that we have plenty of food and drink for all. There is a $10.00 parking fee for each car. Please click here for directions.

Gem & Jewelry Picket Line

Picket Line
photo by John Kyle

Ray Fawthorp, Shelly Kessler, Davo Leeds, Tom Moxley, Rose Magare, Robert Knuist, Leo Sheffield, Tim Hamilton, and Ted Libonati made sure that the public knew that the Gem & Jewelry show was undermining local wage standards. Many thanks to all of the members who showed up and stood up for our Union. Together we are making a difference.

Holding The Line

Picket Line
photo by John Kyle

Our members maintained a very strong presence at the artMRKT show at Fort Mason throughout the weekend. The public was very supportive. Many promised to tell both show management and the San Francisco Fine Arts Museums that they were unhappy and would not attend any future events where workers were not paid Bay Area Standard wages and benefits. Many thanks to all of the members who showed up and stood up for our Union. Together we are making a difference.

Walking The Line

Picket Line
photo by Joe Toback

Ray Fawthorp, John Kyle, Josh Ende and Bob Owen start early at Fort Mason. Local 510 is currently picketing the artMRKT San Francisco, a contemporary and modern art fair. The show is being put in now, will open on May 16th and run through May 19th. We will continue our demonstration in favor of fair wages and benefits for the duration of the show. Keep checking our message tapes for updates.

First Shows of the Year

Robert DeGaetano poses with his lunch
photo by David Blankenhorn

Photonics moves in
photo by John Kyle

Above, Robert De Gaetano displays one of the wonders to be found at Fancy Food. Pictured below is a section of the South Hall filled with freight and signage during the move in of Photonics.

The new year is off to a good start work wise. It began in mid January with Fancy Food and continued through early February with Photonics. Work was offered to any A lister who was availble. All indications are that this year will be busier than last. Please work safe and stay healthy.

In Memoriam

There is a new section of this website to honor the 510 members who have passed. It is called "In Memoriam" and it can be seen by clicking the link of in the middle of the left hand column below. If you know of someone who has been left off this list please send an email to jjk510@sbcglobal.net and the list will be ammended.

Election Results

We gained a revived sense of unity in this past election. We actually managed to unite and organize ourselves into one big union to fight Proposition 32, and it worked. We also managed to pull Proposition 30 along to victory. In doing so we managed to put aside our petty differences and exercise our voice, and even big money could not defeat that voice. We mobilized the vote locally and statewide, and used new technology and social networking to help get out the vote. This brings to the labor community a new sense of purpose and a lesson for the future. In California we have demonstrated our ability to override the Tea Party obstructionists and to actually talk about increased revenue and even taxes as a means of preserving the quality of our education system and our social structure.

There is no time for elation over the results of November 6th. Relief is perhaps a better descriptive word for us to use at this time. Until there is some serious campaign reform, we will face the same demons that brought us Proposition 32, again and again. This is the third time in the last 15 years that the voters have rejected a measure that attempts to curtail or eliminate working people's ability to organize and spend money on political campaigns. We must remain vigilant to those who would rob us of our voice and influence as working people. Complacency is one of the biggest threats that we now face.

Labor Day Message

Hilda Solis

U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis sends us this.

Today, I want to extend my warmest wishes to you, the working men and women of America. You remain the beating heart of the greatest middle class in the world. Thank you for your commitment, your talent, your hard work and your service to this country. On behalf of everyone at the Department of Labor, I'm honored to wish all of you a great Labor Day.

Every day, you are creating an America built to last by harvesting our food, building our automobiles, constructing our buildings, providing energy for our homes and caring for our loved ones. Labor Day is our opportunity to honor that work, and that means standing up and speaking out and taking pride in what we do. You show us that each of us makes a profound contribution to our communities and our nation with the work we do; because the work of every person is built on the work of another, we all rely on one another. Work connects us all.

Labor Day is the celebration of a promise fulfilled. For generations, the promise of good jobs, fair treatment and wages and a seat at the bargaining table has sustained the economic security of America's vital middle class.

Labor Day is also a call to action, a reminder that we must defend that promise to ensure that dignity and opportunity remain the birthright of all workers in this country.

We know what's at stake, and we know what we have to do.

We've come so far in the last three-and-a-half years, but we've still got a long way to go. We were bleeding more than 800,000 jobs a month when President Obama took office. But over the last 29 months, we've created 4.5 million private-sector jobs. We must continue to get people back to work. You stand with President Obama to support his call for investments that will fix our crumbling roads, bridges, airports and schools; prevent more layoffs of teachers and first responders; and keep more police and firefighters on the beat.

Some say that we can't afford unions right now, that labor unions are the problem in this country. But I think they've got it just plain wrong. Unions helped build America's middle class. You are now—and always will be—part of the solution.

That is chiefly because you speak with one voice to demand dignity, respect and good jobs for everyone—jobs with strong safety and health standards; protections against wage theft, discrimination and employee misclassification; and a voice at the workplace.

For me, this Labor Day has added meaning. My dad, who was a proud union member, passed away this year. When I was in ninth grade, he would come home and ask me to sit with him at our kitchen table. From his pockets, he pulled pieces of paper with writing in Spanish on them. They were scribbled messages from co-workers: safety grievances, questions about paychecks that didn't add up and ideas about how to improve the productivity of the line.

He'd ask me to translate them into English. When I asked what they were, he explained: "They are the voice of the workers." It was from him, as a young girl, that I learned about the critical need for workers to have a seat at the table.

Today, I honor his memory with a call for unity and strength—a commitment to keep building on our achievements to meet the urgent needs of working families.

One thing is certain: the promise of the great American worker will never be broken. Working together, there's no challenge we can't overcome.

Respectfully, Hilda L. Solis


Proponents of this initiative describe Prop 32 as "campaign finance reform" and as "the payroll protection act". This Bad Act is neither.

Prop 32 is phony "Finance Reform" funded by anti-Union millionaires and corporate executives. The Act is loaded with exemptions for corporate interests.

Prop 32 prohibits deductions from union and corporate paychecks for any political purpose whatsoever.


Prop 32 gives special exemptions to anti-union corporate interests and their powerful lobbies to spend as much as they want. Unions will not be allowed to spend a dime.

We would not be able to use a penny of our union money to support any ballot measures including support for the Moscone expansion or political campaigns or candidates that would support it . If Prop 32 is not soundly defeated, Labor stands to be silenced in the political life of California. Anything that has been gained by worker's struggles in the past 150 years stands to be overturned. So lets all get educated about Prop32:

For information and videos go to:



This is a pivotal moment for all working and middle class Americans. For union workers in California the stakes have never been higher. The outcome of the 2012 November elections will decide the future of our State. In our State and throughout the nation Unions are under attack by the same forces that brought us Wisconsin and Citizens United. We will need all of our members and their families communities and friends to vote if we are going to defeat this.


October 22 is the last day to register. November 6 is the day we all vote.

Absentee ballots go out on October 8. Once you are registered, you can get an absentee ballot and vote any time until election day.

We will be bringing Registration forms to the job sites. We also have forms in the Office. Come in any time to get Registered to Vote.

Local 510 Picnic

Picnic 2012
photo by John Kyle

The weather was perfect, the burgers were delicious, and the attitude was joyful as the members of Local 510 gathered for our annual picnic at McNear's Beach in San Rafael.

Doug Welch

Brother Doug Welch passed away Sunday, May 20th. He will be missed very much.

Red Carpet

The members of Local 510 will soon be rolling out the red carpet (and all the other colors as well) in Moscone South. The renovation project that has closed the hall for the last two months is coming to an end. It will be open for business May 15th and our work schedule should return to normal. Time to charge you drill gun batteries and put new blades in your utility knives, you'll be using them often in the coming weeks.

A Great Day To Be Irish

The Local 510 contingent turns on to Market Street in Saturday's St. Patricks Day parade. This year saw heavy participation by labor with thousands of members representing trades from all around the Bay.

Walt Bohne

Brother Walt Bohne has passed away. He will be missed very much. There is no information about sevices or a memorial at this time.

2012 Contract

There are two documents that dominate our lives: the calendar and the contract. Both of these expire at the end of this month. Our Negotiating Committee is working hard to improve the rates and conditions that we work for. As members we need to stand ready to back them up. We do this through a phone tree. We form into crews, each headed by a Captain and an Alternate. If the word goes out, to gather for a vote or any other purpose, the Captains are called. They in turn call the members of their crews. Literally, within minutes, the entire Union is notified; and we can act as one. Currently the Captains are contacting their crews to verify and update the contact information. Please respond promptly, the sooner we get the information together, the stronger we'll be. For those of you who are not in a crew yet, please email me at jjk510@sbcglobal.net and we'll get you hooked up. Thank you. - John Kyle, President Local 510.

Visqueen 1948

This 1948 ad for Visking's "VisQueen" plastic film paints a utopian vision of a world where everything is entombed in airtight plastic layers, rendering it sterile and impervious to the world's depredations and imperfections. Their slogan is: It's pure, tasteless, odorless, and easily wiped off. Who can argue with that?

New Year, New Actions

On Friday January 20th the Labor is again joining forces to support the Occupy Movement to stop corporate greed. Events are scheduled to take place in Justin Herman Plaza and throughout the financial dictrict at various time during the day. For more information please visit the Occupy Wall St. West website.

PAC / Promo

At every regular meeting, we the members of Local 510, decide which community efforts to support. Recently we decided to support the "We Are The 99%" and #Occupy with the above banner.

Signs of the Occupation

photo by John Kyle

UPDATE: This event has been postponed due to rain. It has been tentatively rescheduled for next Sunday November 27.

The Occupy SF Group at Justin Herman Plaza is planning an art construction day on Sunday November 20. They would be delighted if some Local 510 members with expertise in signs, banners or puppets would join them between 8am and 1pm. They have many actions planned over the next few weeks and could use our help. If you would like to join us down there at the foot of Market Street, call Bob Owen (415) 472-0825 or (415) 497-7543.

Contract Proposal Addresses and Numbers

Local 510 Proposals Committee
250 Executive Park Blvd. #4850
San Francisco, CA 94134
Email: jlw510@sbcglobal.net
Fax: (415) 468-4004

Streets of Gold

photo by John Kyle

Roger Clark stands in the middle of a curb-to-curb carpeted Mason Street at the JAVA show.

Lee Nephew

A benefit was held for Lee on Saturday November 5th. For those unable to attend but who wished to contribute; you can send a check to Lee's address, 2555 Sir Francis Drake Blvd. Apt.#23 Fairfax Ca.94930. You can make them out to 'Lee Nephew' directly. He also has a Facebook page click here for updates and more information.

Above It All

Carol Sconzert and Frank Ramirez put the finishing touches on the Intel logo window graphics.

Swing Stage as seen from below, Moscone West.

photos by John Kyle

Happy Labor Day

May The Dreamforce Be With You

photo by David Blankenhorn

The army of Dreamforce Ambassadors poses for a group photograph on the steps of the newly refurbished Moscone North's lobby.

Local 510 Apprenticeship Program

Local 510's open enrollment for apprentice applicants is closed. Please click here to register on our show of interest list and we will notify you the next time enrollment is open. In the meantime you should keep checking our extras tape at 415-675-9707 for the possibility of work.

No Cuts to Social Security or Medicare!

Any national budget deal that allows for cuts to Social Security or Medicare is a non-starter for anyone in the trade union movement. We stand up for working men and women from when they first begin the burden of having to punch a time card and have the responsibility of providing for themselves and their families. We are never rich. Sometimes we have enough to sleep well and smile. But even in America we are never completely comfortable. That's why we continue to fight against the greed of the corporations and the bosses.

The union movement fought for Social Security and Medicare. The simplest safety nets -- the backbone of our accomplishments; the basic pillars of our compassion. Anyone who diminishes these programs is a traitor to the American working class.

Call your Congress members and Senators and tell them that you will not tolerate any cuts to Social Security and Medicare. Look up your Representatives click here or use the local phone numbers below.

Senator Barbara Boxer: (415) 403-0100

Senator Dianne Feinstein: (415) 393-0707

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi: (415) 556-4862

Congresswoman Jackie Speier: (650) 342-0300

4.9 Decades

photo by David Blankenhorn

Mike Hardeman has been a member of Local 510 for 49 years. At the July 13th Union meeting John Kyle presented him with a lapel pin to honor and celebrate all those years of membership in and service to Local 510.

Election Results

Elected DC36 Business Representatives
Owen Murphy
Joe Toback

Elected Local 510 Trustee
Roger Hoff

Elected DC36 Delegates
Michael Kraemer
John Kyle

Elected S.F. Labor Council Delegates
Paul Greenberg
Agustin Oropeza

A List Dispatch Message

The 800 number for the A List is no longer in service. Please call the 415 number to listen to the A List message.

Local Support for the Wisconsin Protests

photos by Karoline Collins

The events in Wisconsin (and across the US) are simultaneously terrifying and inspiring. It has been many decades since this many people have poured out to support workers and their simple right to negotiate their own working conditions, but this is also an unprecedented attack on the working class.

Instead of calling public sector unions to the negotiating table in the face of a fiscal crisis (the blame for which falls at the feet of politicians and the bankers who lobby them, not the workers), Wisconsin Gov. Walker's proposed legislation removes the negotiating table....forever.

Similar legislation has been presented in Ohio, Indiana, New Jersey and Oklahoma, and this wave of anti-union finger pointing is sure to intensify. For two weeks now, facing temperatures well below freezing, tens of thousands of demonstrators have descended on the Wisconsin capitol, and have occupied the building day and night in protest. Our hearts are with them in their fight - united we stand, divided we fall.

Here are some links to check out:

The Myth of "Taxpayer Funded" Pension Plans
This article applies to us in 510 as well, and the way we are compensated for our work.

Thousands Protest Anti-Union Bill
An amazing set of photos from the demonstrations in Wisconsin and throughout the Midwest: 100,000 strong in Madison on Saturday 2-27.

First Person Report
A personal account of walking through the occupied Wisconsin State Capitol building.

High School

photo by John Kyle

Local 510 members being trained in the installation and operation of swing stages.

Final Exam

photo by Joe Toback

510 members completing the last panel of graphics on the Metreon.

Upcoming Work

November starts off solidly with Audio engneering. Then there's a string of smaller shows but several of them are in the South Bay which create more work opportunities than their numbers might indicate at first glance. Finally the month ends with the Auto Show filling Mocscone Center during the week of Thanksgiving.

For all the times, dates and details please check the Calendar and Schedule.

Reaching High

photo by John Kyle

Chirs Dichtel and Mike Stoltz practice some of the finer points of scaffold assembly during a recent JATC class. Expect more courses to be announced when our work schedule slows at the end of the year.

Double Happiness

photo by Davis Luby

Let's all join the Luby family in celebrating the recent arrival of their twin girls: Julia and Sierra.

George Tsongas' Memorial

photos by David Blankenhorn

Brother George Tsongas' memorial packed the Cafe Trieste with friends and fellow San Francisco poets, many reading George's poetry as well as their own. It was a reminder that our Union members contribute more to the life of the City than just our labor at the Convention Center. Pictured above: a recent photograph of George on display at the memorial and his son Alex speaking to the crowd.

A New Arrival

photo by Mounir Diakite

Proud parents Mounir Diakite, his wife Tinika, and his three year old son, Moise Assim recently welcomed an addition to their family. Maleek Diakite was born on December 10, 2009, just in time for all the holidays.

On Their Way Up

photo by Joe Toback

Leslie Silberhans, Eric Path, Deborah Fowler and Ann Worth sit proudly on one of their projects at the two day Advanced Graphics class held on Dec. 1st & 2nd.

Open Door Policy

photo by John Kyle

Only the conference room doors remain standing as Alan Van Tress takes a break during the dismantle of DAC.

Czarnowski's Crew

photo by Joe Toback

Installers and riggers stand proud and happy in front of a massive graphics job that recently graced the floor of Moscone Center. Often we focus on the window treatments that decorate the outside of the halls and forget about the everday heroism of our members who put up the exhibits and make them look good.

The Big Apple(s)

photo by Joe Toback

The window treatment for Apple's WWDC dominates the local skyline.

Outside Looking In

photo by Joe Toback

Local 510 Officers: Josh Ende and Mike Pointer keeping an eye on the window graphics job at the Apple WWDC.

New Benefits Website

Allied Administrators has put up a website to help our members use and understand their medical and pension benefits. On it you'll find Overviews, FAQs, Forms and complete copies of the Medical and Pensions booklets. Coming soon: a secure sign-in to check your elegibility. Click here: www.signbenefits.com to check it out

Good Bye Fancy Food

slideshow by David Blankenhorn

Apple Has Left The Building...

photo by John Kyle

...roll up the rugs and turn out the lights. Greg Posadas and Dave Collin begin the tear down of Macworld 2009. But as that show fades from our rear view mirror plenty more work lies ahead. Check the Upcoming Work article below for a preview of January's end and February's start.

Beginnings & Endings

photo by John Kyle

Apple rocked our world with the announcement that they would be lowering the curtain for the last time on their exhibit at Macworld and would not be returning in 2010.

photo by David Blankenhorn

But the show goes on. IDG reminds us that there will still be a Macworld next year. Early reports are that 90% of the exhibitors have already signed on for "The start of a new era".

photo by David Blankenhorn

News of Apple's departure didn't noticably dampen any spirits. The show floor was abuzz with interest in all the products and services on display.

photo by David Blankenhorn

There's a lot of talk about economic uncertainty these days, but let's not forget that 2008 was a boom year for most 510ers. Many of us share the joy shown by Elisa Smith at the International Motorcycle Show in San Mateo.

photo by David Blankenhorn

The Motorcycle show is typically marks the end of the year for Local 510. The bikes sure were pretty, but they weren't the "baddest" rides on the floor...

photo by David Blankenhorn

...Those would be the forklifts and carts, like the one being driven by Teamster foreman Guy Richter. We don't do our jobs alone, and we should remember to give thanks for all the help we get from the legion of teamsters, electricians, stage hands and others we work with.

Holiday Party Photos

photo by David Krasnor

There was a cloud of concern when Santa paused for a moment to double check the "Naughty/Nice" list. Fortunately everything was A-OK and soon it was nothing but smiles all around.

And speaking of smiles... it was wall to wall grins and laughter at the annual Local 510 Holiday Party on Sunday December 7th. The food was excellent, the music was top notch and the Hall of Flowers was the perfect setting. We gathered together as family and friends to put a warm happy ending on a great year. An absoulutely fabulous time was had by all. A hearty round of appreciation is due to the legions of volunteers that worked so hard to make this party happen. All the members of Local 510 thank you for a wonderful job.

While everybody was having a great time at the party, David Krasnor was busy taking pictures. Please click here to see all your fellow members reveling in the good times.

Oracle Up & Down

photo by David Blankenhorn

Mounir Diakite and Andrew Morocco take in the view from the swing stage at Oracle World 08. Meanwhile just barely visible to Mounir's left Bill Morocco (AKA "The Hardest Working Man in the Trade Show Business) is already on the job.

photo by David Blankenhorn

Just six days later the tent is gone, the huge window logos are just a memory, and the show's properties are packed and ready to be scattered throughout the country.

Retirement Get-Togethers

The Retirement Committee has produced an agenda and gathered some basic information about retirement options. Please click here to view this material.

Raising The Bar

photo by David Blankenhorn

Four members of Local 510 at work on the high aluminum at this year's SemiCon. There was work for everyone: A, B, C List or Extra. We all pulled together and made San Francisco's largest trade show happen once again.

Fast Company

Local 510 would like to congratulate Shannon Rowbury (daughter of 510 member Gary Rowbury) on her recent performance at the U.S. Track & Field Trials in Eugene, OR. She won by nearly three seconds in 4 minutes, 5.48 seconds and has qualified for the US Olympic Team at this summer's Beijing Olympics. Please click here for the S.F. Chronicle's story on the race.

Flying Lessons

Max Ewalt puts on her best Peter Pan imitation during last week's Ground School for Riggers classes. To view more pictures from the classes please click here.

photo by Joe Toback

Between Shows

photo by John Kyle

North Hall sits empty and quiet waiting for Semicon to begin its installation. Check the Show Schedule and Calendar for more details.

Retirement Get-Togethers

The Retirement Committee has produced an agenda and gathered some basic information about retirement options. Please click here to view this material.

Venues will be made available in the future. Various Get-Togethers will be held to accommodate different job sites, shows, and companies. There will be announcements by stewards, foremen, and committee members, as well as flyers, handouts, signs and Web postings. A Retirement Get-Together is headed your way! Our goal is to get this information out to everyone who wants it and to get our 510ers a leg up on retirement!

Workers' Compensation

If you're injured on the job you'll be covered by the California Workers' Compensation system. Most of us don't find out how this works until after we've been hurt. Learning about this system before you need it may help you get better care and service. Local 510 has put together page of links to information about Workers' Compensation and medical care, click here to view.

Local 510: The Next Generation

While laying carpet in his home John Mumy took the opportunity to begin his daughter's education in the delicate arts of trade show installation. Little Ashley is dressed for success in her Carhartt overalls but still thinks shoes are optional. I guess we'll have to sign her up for the next OSHA 10 safety class.

NADA: Before & After

It's easy to lose sight of the job we do. Recently our entire Union: A's, B's, C's, and Extras worked together to put in NADA. It really is heroic how we transform bare halls. To see a graphic example of this, check out the three photographs below. They show South Hall on February 1, the first day of set-up. Moving your mouse over "AFTER" will show South Hall on February 9, opening day.


photos by Joe Toback


photos by Joe Toback


photos by Joe Toback

Calm Before the Storm

By now we've all experienced the tsunami of work that NADA required. Our entire membership was put to work moving the show in. That includes members of the "B" list, "C" list and a host of Extras. But it was quite different on Friday Feb. 1 at lunch time in the West Hall. Above a lone member of Local 510 enjoys a solitary, peaceful, and quiet lunch among the pools of light and shadow that filled the lobby on that lovely day.

photo by Joe Toback

Sleeping Beauties

Remember there's nothing better than a lunch time nap to get you ready for the second half of the day.

If you know any "C" listers or people who would like to work as Extras please tell them to check their respective message tapes to find out when work is available. More information about becoming an Extra can be found by clicking here

photo by Joe Toback

Web Site Improvements

A statement about who we are and what our Union stands for has been added to our "Contact Us" page. Our photographs now have a page of their own. Click on the "Photo Gallery" link in the left hand column of this page to view them. There's also a page of links to information, about Workers' Compensation and medical care, click here to view.

photo by Joe Toback

Morning Light

We often take our workplaces for granted. But the light and shadows of Moscone West bring a bit of magic and wonder into our lives as we report for the day's labors.

photo by Joe Toback

Apple Corps

Venti-sized window treatments are becoming all the rage when a tradeshow wants to make a statement to the world. The photo above shows our members "painting" with vinyl on the canvas of Moscone's West Hall at Apple's recent World Wide Developer's Conference.

Paper Airplanes

We learned everything we needed to know in grade school. The difference is: back then they made us stay after school, now they pay us overtime. If you want to know more about making paper airplanes click here, it's always good to increase your job skills.

photo by Joe Toback