What is the JATC?

JATC stands for Joint Action Training Committee

The committee consists of four union and four management trustees. The JATC sets all of Local 510's training rules and standards.

Who is eligible for Local 510's training classes?

Classes are open to Local 510 Members, A listers, B listers, and C listers(if there is room). Classes are filled by order of signup, unless there is a priority need for someone to take a specific class.

Are all classes open to everyone?

No, some classes require prerequisites, some need special recommendations to get in. See course descriptions for specific information

What courses are required?

Extras & C's are required to attend an orientation. B's are required to complete 84 hours of training as a condition of attaining journeyperson status. See course descriptions for requirements.

Are any courses required for members on the A list?

Lift driving, rigging and swing stage work all require training verification.

How do the employers know that someone has been trained?

Updated lists are sent to each employer and its 510 foreperson.

How do I become a rigger?

You’ll need a recommendation from a rigging foreperson and approval of the JATC Coordinator. These classes are only available to journeypersons.

Will training get me more hours?

Nothing is guaranteed, but training does increase the possibility of getting more work. In areas like graphics, Extruded Metals,Rigging and the use of power tools, our forepersons continually look for those who've  taken the courses whenever there is an unforseen need in one of those areas.

Why do we have training?

To be a better worker. The more productivity we can deliver through a better trained work force the more money we get on wages during negotiations.

Can I repeat classes?

Yes, New material is added to courses regularly. There are some exceptions and repeating a class is subject to availability.

Who pays for this training?

Training is funded by a check-off from your wage package.