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February Schedule
revised on 1/17/17 printable version
GMS Summit Moscone W GES 2/3 7-9 Special
RSA Moscone S Freeman 2/6 14-16 1400
Union Meeting - Wednesday, January 11th - 7:00 pm- NEW LOCATION: 1939 MARKET ST., S.F.
Molecular Medicine Moscone N Freeman 2/18 19-22 160
IBM Moscone W Freeman 2/19 20-22 Special
Game Developers Moscone N & S GES 2/22 27-3/3 1500
Google Next Moscone W T3 3/4 7-10 Special
MPINCC Moscone N Freeman 3/8 9-10 100
Pharmacist Moscone N & S Shepard 3/21 25-27  
Chemical Moscone W Freeman 3/30 2-6 200