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April Schedule
revised on 3/20/18 printable version
AWS Moscone W T3 3/31 4/3-4 Special
Lendit Moscone W TBD 4/7 9-10 Special
RSA Moscone N, S & W Freeman 4/10 17-19 Full
Union Meeting - Wednesday, April 11th - New Time 6:00 pm, New Place: 1939 Market St.
PBWC Moscone W Curtin 4/23 24 Special
Marketo Moscone W Freeman 4/26 29-5/1 100
Red Hat Moscone W GES 5/3 7-10 Special
IOT SCCC Freeman 5/10 14-17 Full
CLEO SJCC T3 5/11 15-17 200
Urology Moscone N, S & W GES 5/14 17-22 Full
Corp. Event SJCC TBD 5/28 6/3-4 Full
Spark Summit Moscone W TBD 5/31 6/4-7 Special