(What appears below is not legal advice, it is only some basic information and resources to better equip and enable our membership concerning Workers’ Compensation and medical care.)

In our line of work injuries on the job are commonplace. Thankfully most are very minor: a nick, a bruise or a scratch. Sometimes they can be very serious: either immediately as in the case of a major cut or delayed as in the case of a sprain that continues to get worse instead of better.

As workers in California we have rights, protections and responsibilities when it comes to workplace injuries. You do need to know the facts and where to go for more information and/or additional help.

The Labor Occupational Health Program (LOHP), University of California at Berkeley has a lot of valuble information:

State of California also has extensive information and resources:

You also have the right to choose the physician or HMO that will treat your injury but only if you’ve provided a copy of the “PREDESIGNATION OF PERSONAL PHYSICIAN” form prior to being injured. The Labor Occupational Health Program, University Of California at Berkeley has a plain english explanation of this option at:

Boxer & Gerson is a law firm that specializes in Workers' Compensation cases. Below is a link to their website.