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Sign Display & Allied Crafts Local Union 510 represents the sign and tradeshow workers of Northern California. Our local has had a long tradition of rank and file involvement in our union's daily affairs and operations. We have found that the democratic participation of our members has been our greatest strength.


The deadline for voter registration is October 24th.
Go to http://www.registertovote.ca.gov to sign up.
Ask for a vote by mail ballot.

The outcome of the general election is critical for all working people!

Election 2016 Endorsements

State-wide Election Endorsements

California Labor Federation

California State Building Trades Council

Local Election Endorsements
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San Francisco
San Francisco Labor Council

San Mateo County
San Mateo County Central Labor Council

Alameda County
Alameda Labor Council

South Bay
South Bay Labor Council

Contra Costa County
Contra Costa Labor Council

Monterey County and Local Santa Cruz
Monterey Bay Central Labor Council

St. Patrick's Day Solidarity March

Between now and the end of March we will be organizing towards the renewal of our Collective Bargaining Agreement, our contract. We will be asking members to help in the work necessary to bring the members a contract worthy of ratification.

Our Union has marched in solidarity with Labor for the rights of workers for more than 100 years, one such event is coming up in March, the 164th St Patrick's Day Parade in San Francisco, a tradition that all unions have participated in here, across this nation and beyond. It is the solidarity with the Labor movement that gives us strength and unity, to organize and struggle for fairness, safety and health in the workplace.

I once asked Fr. Bill O'Donnell what was the secret to his work in solidarity, he told me. "Show up, meet people and have fun" then he said, "and how do you know if you were successful?" He answered his own question. "It was successful because you were there ----- because you showed up. "

We must show the community our pride and our commitment, we helped build this city and the best things that working people have achieved. Please, show up for all of us. If you are coming call me at 415-468-7280 x18. In solidarity -Owen.

2015 Contract

We are preparing for our Tradeshow Contract Negotiations in 2015. There will be special orders of business at our December 10th Union meeting and our January 14th union meeting to discuss the contract. We are also looking for some dates at Moscone to have open discussion.

Please submit all contract proposals in writing to Joe Toback

e-mail: jtoback@local510.org
fax: 415-468-4004

You can also put any proposals in a dropbox we are leaving at the half-way house in Moscone or you can mail or bring them to the union office at 250 Executive Park Blvd. All proposals will be given consideration.

A Season of Thanks & Joy

The year 2014 has begun its final lap and is now racing towards the finish line. The air is redolent with the smell of roasting turkeys, tofurkeys and even some turduckens. Worldwide almost every culture will start preparations for celebrating the solstice and the time when the days begin to grow longer again. For some, this marks the beginning of a new year, for others it is a time of cultural or religious importance. Any way you choose to celebrate it's a happy time to get together with family and friends.

Local 510 is a family and we're having a party to celebrate a great year and a wonderful season. By now you all should have received, in the mail, an invitation to our holiday celebration. So clear your calendars and mark the date to join your friends in a celebration away from the dank exhibit halls we typically inhabit. Please call Janet (415) 468-7280 ex 14 to RSVP.

The Pomeroy Center (map & directions) has plenty of free parking. For those using public transportation: the #18 MUNI bus goes there too.

Plan Reading Class

Artist Wanted

The Local 510 JATC will be offering a Plan Reading class on Friday, July 25. This course will cover the symbols and conventions used to create prints and will demystify the art of reading floorplans and set-up drawings. Attendees will also learn how to use an Architectural Scale, a specialized ruler that allows you to measure a part of a drawing and convert it into real world inches and feet. Space is limited. If you're interested in taking this class, please call John Kyle at: (415) 519-5021.


JUNE 11, 2014

President –Michael Kraemer
Vice President: Esteban Ferrey
Financial Secretary: Ann Worth
Treasurer: Chris Dichtel
Recording Secretary: Morgan Worth
Trustee for Local 510 –Roger Hoff
Warden: William Taylor

Pac/Promo Committee
Chris Wren, William Taylor, Richard Doyle

San Francisco Labor Council – Esteban Ferrey, Michael Kraemer
Alameda Labor Council –Morgan Worth
District Council 36 –Michael Kraemer, John Kyle

Special Enrollment Period for Those Covered by COBRA

Artist Wanted

COBRA Enrollees Have 60 Days to Switch to an Exchange Plan; Move Is Expected to Save California Consumers Money on Health Insurance

Beginning Thursday, May 15, Covered California will launch a limited-time special-enrollment period for people who have COBRA health insurance and would like to switch to an exchange plan.

People who have health coverage through COBRA (the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) will be eligible to shop for and buy coverage through Covered California from May 15 through July 15, 2014. The two-month window mirrors a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) ruling announced May 2 that allows COBRA enrollees to buy plans through the federal exchange until July 1.

The federal policy for the COBRA special-enrollment period was approved amid concerns that notifications did not give consumers clear information about options in the new marketplace. HHS encouraged state exchanges to follow suit.

"COBRA coverage has given vital protection for nearly three decades to people who lost coverage from their employers, especially those who couldn't get affordable insurance because of their age or a pre-existing condition," said Covered California Executive Director Peter V. Lee. "Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, plans in the individual market could be preferable to COBRA coverage because of premium assistance and cost-sharing reductions, available only through the exchanges. For some people who have COBRA coverage, purchasing a plan in the Covered California marketplace during this special-enrollment period could save thousands of dollars a year."

Under COBRA, individuals who experience a job loss can purchase the coverage they had through their employer but are responsible to pay the full cost. In some cases, individuals and families, particularly if they qualify for subsidies, can purchase more affordable coverage in the health benefit exchanges. Click Here to learn more

Union Artists Wanted

Artist Wanted
50 ARTISTS, 50 PHOTOS topleftpixel.com/09/04/20/

Calling all union artists for a July, 2014 art show. It will be located at the ideal venue of the San Francisco Unitarian Universalist Center. The art should be two-dimensional and ready to hang. Please submit photos of your art work and your union affiliation by email or usps by May 31, 2014. The email address is: laborforart@gmail.com. The postal address is Labor for Art Committee, Unitarian Universalist Center, 1187 Franklin St., San Francisco, CA 94109. If you have any questions please submit them by email. All submissions will be responded to. Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to showing the public how multi-talented union members are.

The Second Line

Sevices For Marty Payne
photo by David Blankenhorn see360studios.com

Mitch Molotnik and Emmet Corrigan march in the "Second Line" celebration of Marty Payne's life.

Taxes done right

Death & Taxes


First - Health Insurance Open Enrollment in Covered California ends on March 31. Anyone who does not have health insurance must be encouraged to apply for health insurance through Covered California - 1 800-300-1506

Second - Taxes Households with incomes of $52,000 or less in 2013 are eligible to apply for the Earned Income Tax Credit and free tax preparation assistance.

CLICK HERE to view a flyer with locations in San Mateo County. Information for all other counties: call 211 from any phone.

extend UI benefits

Sign the petition and tell the House GOP to extend unemployment benefits.

Our job market still is bearing the weight of the Wall Street induced financial meltdown. We've seen workers losing their jobs across the board—from health care and education to construction and government—through no fault of their own. These are the men and women who make America work and now they're drowning. Rather than extend these benefits, House Republicans made the choice to jump ship and go on holiday break, letting these vital benefits expire for our neighbors, friends and family members who have lost their jobs. CLICK HERE to sign the AFL/CIO's petition, and tell Congress to do the right thing and extend UI benefits now.

BART Negotiations

Brothers and Sisters:

There has been a lot of misinformation over the last few months about the negotiations at Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART). Here's the truth: The workers at BART are bargaining for a fair contract that would protect the health and safety of riders and workers. But instead of negotiating in good faith, the bosses at BART have engaged in a campaign to demonize workers as part of an effort to impose an unfair contract that would hurt workers and their families.

The workers at BART don't want a strike. They want to come to work every day to serve our community as they've been doing for years. They're simply asking that management negotiates with them to find common ground. But that's not what's been happening. Instead of negotiating, management has spent weeks holding press conferences to spread misinformation about the workers instead of sitting down with workers to discuss important issues that include worker and rider safety.

Here are the facts:

· BART bosses brought in a high-paid out-of-state lawyer with a history of union-busting and driving disputes to strikes to be their chief negotiator. He's taken weeks of vacation since he was hired instead of sitting down with BART workers to avoid a strike.

· BART management refuses to fix safety problems that have led to the deaths of several workers. In fact, BART cut vital morning safety inspections that protect workers and riders. BART unions are fighting to restore these important safety measures.

· BART workers also are bargaining to improve safety and convenience for riders by pushing to reopen and staff station restrooms and they're fighting to block a proposal by BART management to eliminate the worker-management safety committee.

· BART workers are bargaining for reasonable staffing levels and fair compensation. BART workers' wages have been frozen for five years. Now that BART is running a surplus, workers are asking for a very modest wage increase.

BART workers are our friends and neighbors. They provide a vital service to our community. They're fighting to avoid a strike so that the trains keep running for Bay Area commuters. But they can't do it alone. They need our support.

Please contact the BART Board of Directors during business hours at (510) 464-6095 and tell them to stop their attacks on workers and start bargaining in good faith to avoid a strike. Together, we can ensure the trains keep running and BART workers get what they deserve: a fair contract that protects both riders and workers.

In Solidarity,
Julie Lind, Political Director
San Mateo County Central Labor Council

Bay Bridge Opens

A smooth commute was assured when the new eastern span of the Bay Bridge was opened at 10:00 pm on Monday evening.

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